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12 February 2020

Star fund manager buys more Burberry, Remy Cointreau and Diageo as the shares fall following the outbreak of the coronavirus.

11 February 2020

Henderson Opportunities Trust raises dividends 24% and switches to quarterly payments as the small small-cap fund seeks to win back investors and survive.

11 February 2020

Analysts reckon Biopharma Credit needs to arrange overdraft after drug company lender’s latest loan to Collegium Pharmaceutical, but say its 7% dividend yield looks more secure.

11 February 2020

Danny O’Neill, fund manager of Ediston Property Investment Company, ploughs £435,000 into real estate investment trust’s (Reit) shares, signalling his belief they have been oversold in flight from retail.

10 February 2020

Tesla’s 74% share price rise this year should make Elon Musk’s electric car company the biggest holding in Scottish Mortgage Trust, according to an analyst estimate.

10 February 2020

Lengthy wind down of 12-year-old US-focused investment company likely after total real estate losses in past year rack up to $252m (£195m).

7 February 2020

Baillie Gifford European Growth and JPMorgan Indian have their work cut out after investors clamoured to get out of the trusts in their ‘tender’ offers this week.

7 February 2020

Popular alternative income fund surprises investors with 6% fall in net asset value caused by recent strength of the pound.

7 February 2020

Ahead of its planned windup in May, Polar Capital Global Financials Trust has proposed becoming a permanent investment company offering five-yearly tender offers for investors who want to get out.

6 February 2020

The £1.3bn life sciences company, facing questions over how fast it can deploy an £823m cash mountain, sought to instil more enthusiasm for its shares this week.


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