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28 November 2018

Lindsell Train fund manager Nick Train turns to staggering long-term performance of McDonald’s to justify why once again he has not made changes to his high-performing, £235 million portfolio.

28 November 2018

Political risk remains high but with plans to move back to the UK and after strong half-year results there are other reasons to like the 5%-yielding, £2.9 billion listed, social infrastructure fund.

28 November 2018

Dale Nicholls, manager of £1.1 billion Fidelity China Special Situations trust, has lifted his weighting in social media and gaming giant to 15% believing it will not be hurt by increased regulation.

27 November 2018

TwentyFour Income Fund, a 6% investment company focused on mortgage bonds and other asset-backed securities, raising money to take advantage of a ‘significant opportunity’ in distressed bond markets.

26 November 2018

Listed life sciences fund, the second-best performing investment trust this year, announces a 32.5% half-year return and adds protein specialist OMass Therapeutics to its portfolio.

23 November 2018

Continuation of ‘Red October’ stock market losses would make Lindsell Train’s highly rated share price vulnerable, warns chairman of top-performing investment trust.

23 November 2018

Ollie Beckett, manager of former top-performing smaller companies trust, claims there is ‘no great need’ for share buybacks after de-rating of stock leaves shareholders nursing 29% loss this year.

23 November 2018

New investment trust chaired by Tony Roper, former fund manager of HICL Infrastructure, offers 7-8% annual returns from helping companies lower energy bills and become more sustainable.

23 November 2018

Two investment trusts call it a day with sub-scale global trust Establishment recommending investors vote to wind up the company and litigation fund Juridica Investments a step ahead as it goes into liquidation.

22 November 2018

Andrew Graham, manager of Martin Currie Asia Unconstrained, given a co-manager to help him improve performance at £125 million investment trust.


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