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Freedom in pensions

Back in March 2014, George Osborne uttered the words “Let me be clear: no one will have to buy an annuity”. These words have now become a reality. The AIC welcomes the decision to allow pension savers freedom over how they take an income in retirement.

Pensions, of course, are all about the long-term, which is where investment companies have such a strong story to tell. But the Chancellor’s decision is also likely to bring into focus the unique advantages investment companies have in delivering a higher or growing income.

That is why we have launched our ‘Freedom in pensions’ series of research, articles and videos. We will be looking at a wide range of angles to the pensions reform in the coming months so make sure you check back regularly.

If you are new to investment companies, you might like to start by reading our new consumer Guide to getting started to learn the basics.

The half centuries keep on coming
March 2017

The next generation of investment company dividend heroes has two new joiners with 10 year records
March 2017

AIC dividend heroes: Three investment companies increase dividends for 50 consecutive years
March 2017

Nearly half (46%) of investment companies now paying quarterly dividends in comparison to 17% in 2010
February 2017

Investment company inflation busters
February 2017

Highest yielding investment company sectors
October 2016

UK Equity Income sector doubles capital value whilst delivering 4.6% annual dividend growth over 20 years
March 2016

Using investment companies to generate regular income in retirement
February 2016

Regular as clockwork: 43% of investment companies pay quarterly dividends compared to 17% in 2010
February 2016

December dividends: All I want for Christmas is…a windfall
December 2015

Dividend heroes: Where are they finding income opportunities?
October 2015

UK Equity Income sector delivers 4.82% annual dividend growth
April 2015

Yield and growth: Investment companies top choice for long-term discerning investor
March 2015

The dividend heroes of the investment company sector
March 2015

AIC research shows half of investment company sector yielding 3% or more
February 2015

Dividend payments increasingly regular: AIC publishes list of investment company dividend dates
January 2015

Long-term growth and a higher income: Advisers suggest investment companies for first-time buyers
December 2014

Financial advisers’ views on freedom in pensions and the role for investment companies
November 2014

How investment companies can meet your income needs
November 2014

Ian Sayers blog: Why Mark Dampier’s comments were a week too early
November 2014

Ian Sayers blog: Annuities - accept no substitutes?
October 2014

Investment company UK Equity Income sector dividend increases beat inflation by more than 2% a year over 20 years
October 2014

Investment companies deserve bigger slice of the pension pie
October 2014

AIC panel debate - saving for retirement: Investment companies versus open-ended funds
October 2014

Mind the (gender) gap: Men more likely to make most use of pensions freedom
September 2014

Consumers will welcome tax reduction on pensions inheritance
September 2014

Ian Sayers blog: If an annuity were a home, a castle might become a prison
September 2014

Consumers look forward to brave new pensions world
September 2014

AIC pensions research at a glance
September 2014

Self-Invested Personal Pensions guide
May 2016

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