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data as at: 16/10/2020

Please note, some investment companies release their Net Asset Values (NAVs) less frequently than daily. For example they may provide NAVs on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or even semi-annual basis. This means that the estimated NAV shown below, and the associated discount/premium to market price, will not necessarily reflect recent market movements.

CompanyAIC sectorShare typeTraded currencyTotal assets (m)Price (last close)NAVDiscount/ premium (%)Gearing (%)Share price total return (%)AIC ongoing charge (%)AIC ongoing charge plus perf fee (%)5yr dividend growth (%) p.a.Dividend yield (%)
Flexible InvestmentOrdinary ShareGBX491.2160.00293.61-45.595-34.372.693.
Flexible InvestmentZero Dividend Preference shareGBX491.291.25112.83-19.176-15.1N/AN/A2.085.06N/A0.0
Flexible InvestmentZero Dividend Preference shareGBX491.2132.00129.901.612-0.4N/AN/A2.085.06N/A0.0
Flexible InvestmentZero Dividend Preference shareGBX491.2106.00114.69-7.656-8.6N/AN/A2.085.06N/A0.0
Flexible InvestmentZero Dividend Preference shareGBX491.2155.50154.460.7313.030.4N/A2.085.06N/A0.0
Global Emerging MarketsOrdinary ShareGBX489.0173.00204.12-15.27-23.325.
Country Specialist: Asia Pacific - ex JapanOrdinary ShareGBX487.9622.00608.912.210110.9291.2325.01.261.2632.73.7
Property - UK ResidentialOrdinary ShareGBX465.274.0094.10-21.40-11.6N/AN/A1.841.84N/A5.4
UK Equity IncomeOrdinary ShareGBX463.1256.00277.51-7.8112.436.595.80.590.592.55.0
Asia PacificOrdinary ShareGBX461.7451.00445.911.1827.5161.2179.90.861.7114.91.4
EuropeOrdinary ShareGBX449.6475.50498.61-4.6727.1116.4211.
Property - UK CommercialOrdinary ShareGBX448.349.8078.89-36.936-40.6-24.443.31.961.960.56.7
Debt - Direct LendingOrdinary ShareGBX447.085.20101.29-15.90-16.2N/AN/A1.191.19N/A7.3
Flexible InvestmentOrdinary ShareGBX445.990.80113.45-20.020-11.1-14.314.80.620.62-3.66.0
European Smaller CompaniesOrdinary ShareGBX445.8107.25120.04-10.7014.340.4259.
Flexible InvestmentOrdinary ShareGBX445.6244.50246.49-0.8012.
Property - UK CommercialOrdinary ShareGBX438.834.3557.31-40.145-36.5-
Asia Pacific IncomeOrdinary ShareGBX437.1306.00305.270.20-10.341.762.
Asia PacificOrdinary ShareGBX435.7634.00583.008.72106.6265.6310.10.920.92-6.50.0
Asia Pacific IncomeOrdinary ShareGBX429.8198.00223.21-11.38-2.947.785.


Disclaimer: This data has been prepared by Morningstar on behalf of the AIC for information purposes only. It is not an invitation or inducement to engage in investment activity nor does it purport to contain information on which to base investment decisions. Whilst Morningstar have taken all reasonable steps to verify the statistics in this publication, neither the AIC nor Morningstar accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in this publication or for any loss of any nature incurred by any person using this publication, howsoever caused. Investors are advised to seek independent financial advice before making any investment decisions.