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Investment company managers’ verdict on the government’s new energy strategy.

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08:00 - 16/05/22

Sidebottom, who spent almost two decades with Premier, lost his battle against acute myeloid leukemia.
The UK stock market begins the week with more volatile trading sparked by a slide in Chinese retail sales, but the FTSE 100 recovers from an early fall as Vodafone rises after a UAE telecoms giant buys a 9.8% stake.
Shares in the pioneering space commercialisation investment trust have tumbled after their initial takeoff last year, but could revive if the company fulfils its exciting potential.

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Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon Investment Trust: Manager Update

Praveen Kumar, investment manager of Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon PLC gives an update on the performance of Shin Nippon over the past year and shares the team’s views on the long-term outlook for Japanese smaller companies. Capital at risk.

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