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Japan panel discussion with Praveen Kumar, Nicholas Price and Andrew Rose

Praveen Kumar, Manager of Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon, Nicholas Price, Manager of Fidelity Japanese Values and Andrew Rose, Manager of Schroder Japan Growth Fund, discuss their investment strategies, the outlook for Japan and where they are finding opportunities.

Overview and Outlook for Impax Environmental Markets PLC

Jon Forster, Co-manager of Impax Environmental Markets PLC gives an overview of the investment company in Q1 2017 and comments on the outlook for environmental markets.

Infrastructure panel: Harry Seekings and Greg Taylor

Harry Seekings, Director at InfraRed Capital Partners, Investment Advisers to HICL Infrastructure, and Greg Taylor, Co-Portfolio Manager, Sequoia Economic Infrastructure Income, discuss the outlook for infrastructure, whether strong yields are sustainable, and where they are finding opportunities

VCT panel discussion with Patrick Reeve & David Hall

Patrick Reeve, Managing Partner, Albion Ventures and David Hall, Managing Director, YFM Equity Partners discuss where they are finding investment opportunities, the strong demand for VCTs and the benefits of VCTs for investors, as well as the impact of VCTs on the UK economy.

Securities Trust of Scotland Manager Update

Mark Whitehead, Portfolio Manager of Securities Trust of Scotland, discusses the outlook for markets, the stocks he’s finding attractive and the trust’s recent evolution to an unconstrained investment approach.

What are the prospects for markets and the investment company industry in 2017?

The AIC talks to Bruce Stout, manager of Murray International, Peter Ewins, manager of F&C Global Smaller Companies and James Henderson, manager of Lowland, Law Debenture and Henderson Opportunities, about what 2017 may have in store for the investment company industry.

Understanding subscription shares

Claire Dwyer of Fidelity Personal Investing explains about Investment Company subscription shares, and how shareholders should approach them.

AIC interview with Alastair Laing, Co-manager, Capital Gearing Trust

Alastair Laing, Co-manager of Capital Gearing Trust, talks to the AIC about the trust, how their portfolio is positioned, as well as his long-term view for markets and whether now is a good time for investors to consider an absolute return vehicle like Capital Gearing.

Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust Manager Update

Tom Walker, Portfolio Manager of Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust discusses the long term economic trends, what he is looking for in companies, the stocks he has been buying and selling and his outlook for global equities.

AIC interview with Carlos Hardenberg, manager of Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust

Carlos Hardenberg, lead portfolio manager of Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust discusses the changes he’s made to the portfolio since becoming lead manager in 2015, where they’re finding investment opportunities and his outlook for the emerging markets sector.



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