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Paul Niven, manager of Foreign & Colonial, tackles the question many investors ask about big discounts on private equity investment trusts.

Andrew Bell has revived Witan investment trust by quitting index tracking funds and using active fund managers instead.

Stock markets rebound as Greece's prime minister says he will accept most of Europe's bailout terms and the US publishes good jobs figures.

This has been a busy year for investment trust launches. James Carthew looks at some of the new offerings that haven't received the fanfare afforded to Woodford Patient Capital.

Frontier markets have streaked ahead of emerging markets in recent years. What's driving the superior returns and can they last?

The Dow Jones follows the FTSE 100 into the red after a Europe-wide sell-off prompted by Greece shutting its banks and stockmarket.

Changing government subsidies don't hurt renewable energy investment companies, although the high-income funds face other issues. 

David Gait, manager of the top-performing Pacific Assets Trust, warns investors about the implications of Tesla’s Powerpack and the frothy state of Asian stock markets.

Revival of smaller company investment trusts gathers pace while emerging market funds look 'cheap'.

More than eight in ten trust investment trust directors own shares in the funds they serve. But does their share dealing tell us anything?