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David Smith talks about merging with Threadneedle Select and positioning in the UK before and after the election

JP Morgan has announced it is to cut the annual management fee of its £926 million JPM American investment trust by a baseline 30% and up to a marginal rate of 50%.

Schroder AsiaPacific manager Matthew Dobbs believes investors are failing to recognise China's stabilising influence on the global economy.


Will Fulton, Manager of UK Commercial Property Trust, on what’s next for UK real estate.

With the stock market hitting record levels, David Prosser looks at how investors can make the most of the bullish environment.

Geoffrey Hsu, Portfolio Manager of The Biotech Growth Trust, reveals why the fundamentals of biotechnology remain strong.

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Today’s proposals represent a missed opportunity to deliver real competition across the asset management sector.

The AIC has collated comments from investment company managers on what this milestone achievement will mean.

Strongest ever 12-month period to end March 2017 with £777m in purchases.


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Overview and Outlook for Impax Environmental Markets PLC

Jon Forster, Co-manager of Impax Environmental Markets PLC gives an overview of the investment company in Q1 2017 and comments on the outlook for environmental markets.

Infrastructure panel: Harry Seekings and Greg Taylor

Harry Seekings, Director at InfraRed Capital Partners, Investment Advisers to HICL Infrastructure, and Greg Taylor, Co-Portfolio Manager, Sequoia Economic Infrastructure Income, discuss the outlook for infrastructure, whether strong yields are sustainable, and where they are finding opportunities

VCT panel discussion with Patrick Reeve & David Hall

Patrick Reeve, Managing Partner, Albion Ventures and David Hall, Managing Director, YFM Equity Partners discuss where they are finding investment opportunities, the strong demand for VCTs and the benefits of VCTs for investors, as well as the impact of VCTs on the UK economy.

Bringing VCT investment to life

See how VCT investment has helped dynamic businesses in the UK grow.

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